Thursday, March 29, 2007

Retouching History: The Modern Falsification of a Civil War Photograph

Retouching History is a website publication, technical in nature, that brings to light the extent to which neo-Confederate apologists for slavery will go to revise the history of the South. For those of us committed to establishing the black soldiers rightful place in history, as a freedom fighter, we must be vigilant and thoroughly versed in our history and aware of the tactics used to distort the truth. In recent years we have seen the intensified efforts of ideologues to manipulate, revise, and suppress information, including scientific knowledge. The authors describe how a photograph posted on a purporting to be a picture of the 1st Louisiana Native Guard, is in fact a deception. It is well documented with citations which are helpful in researching the issues.Thanks to Byron Childress of the 3rd USCT for bringing it to our attention.
Pvt Leon Brooks, 6th USCT

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